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With The Network there is no akward moment, you are made at ease as soon as you enter the room, you are amongst friends and perhaps future business partners.

I went to many Networking events, some are pick up joints under any other names: loud music not allowing you to speak or hear conversation. Those events are not professional and will contribute to your success. You may as well go to the nearest pub and save yourself the registration fee.

The Network is different! I know I am biased, please remember that this network is  a not for profit organisation.

As you are coming through the door, you will be greeted either by me or Ivan or another helper with a smile, a warm welcome, a badge with your name & what you do (as oppose to title or company name) to facilitate contact with each other  and a glass of wine.

Our events bring together a group of up to 50 people to facilitate and introduce people who need to be introduced, it is not a speed networking where you have to speak with everyone, there is no pressure. You are being introduced by the facilitators to those we think would benefit you or your cause or business.

Please be aware that I do not allow people to be on their own and will introduce you to people of interest to YOU, you may choose to be chaperoned by one of the facilitators.

It is very important to me that the meeting takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere, for that I chose

venues who respond to these criteria.

We allow YOU to broaden your professional & social relationship and allow you to develop your business.

Come and discover this for yourself!

10 years ago Gartner research mentioned in their report that Social Media will eclipse the e-commerce revolution, ignoring social media is not an option.

We are all connected through various social and business media, be it Facebook,  LinkedIn or some of the 1000’s social networks that I am connected to.

I read somewhere that we are all connected by 6 degrees of separation. I am convinced now that this is only 3. Someone you know knows someone you need to know. Ask! I know from experience that if I don’t know someone I know someone who does.

Mean what you say, don’t say what you mean.

Sometimes it best to hold on a little until you find out what your clients or colleagues need. Always mean what you say or say nothing particularly if this is negative.

Nobody ever gain from negative thoughts, the only people who benefit from negative equities are bankers.