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The Network is committed to providing events in a safe and supportive environment for all. It is The Network primary purpose to provide focused programs and services that enrich the lives of those in our community. The Network seeks to set an example by providing services and programs that are responsive to the needs of the Civil Society.

The Network provides events to a diverse range of individuals and groups for a variety of purposes. These purposes include but are not limited to support, organising, activism, socialising, networking and rehearsing.

The Network embraces the community’s rich diversity of identities and experiences. It is for this reason that we aim to ensure The Network retains events where everyone feels welcomed. Therefore, no group or individual attending a Network’s event shall engage in hate speech or bigotry of any kind. Engaging in or advocating violence is strictly prohibited. Engaging in illegal activities at events is strictly prohibited.

The Network maintains the right to restrict or reject any group or individual whose presence at or use of The Network negatively impacts other groups and/or individuals that use The Network.

The Network is a non-denominational, non-partisan organisation and does not support or endorse activities held at its events. Activities held at The Network’s events must neither conflict with nor interfere with The Network’s-sponsored or The Network’s-produced programming. When such conflicts arise, The Network programming will be given priority.

The Network is committed to good-faith cooperation and partnership with all individuals and groups attending events and will make all reasonable effort to resolve conflicts when they arise. Should grievances occur, they will be addressed in the manner prescribed in the Terms & Conditions.